Sunday, November 25, 2007

The miraculous beauty of small things

The notion of beauty is totally subjective depending on the person, the mood, the weather and even the historical period of time. Not only is beauty a necessity but it is also an intriguing topic in everyday life.
To begin with, humankind created arts as an answer to the desire generally shared: perfection. Painting, sculpting or poetry are the forms which were used from the beginning of the world, or at least since the remains of the Stone Age were discovered. What is more, beautiful things always delighted the eyes, the ears, the skin. Without beauty, the world would not have evolved accordingly and probably humanity would have become an alien race or a barbaric one.
Furthermore, small things such as snow, a hyacinth or a warm embrace when needed are more then welcome. Seeing an old friend, hearing a peaceful song, strolling on a rainy afternoon.. these are the extraordinary small things which lead us to a joyful life and keep us away from misery.
Next, not everybody realizes the need of beauty but somewhere in the depths of emotional life the idea exists and struggles to survive in a world full of threats.Needless to say a smile makes everybody's day, especially when sadness stands by the door. Why don't we dig into our souls to discover a better person, able to beautify the surroundings?
On the whole, being open to small things means being stronger, optimistic, able to cope with the unavoidable problems of life. That is to say, whoever embraces the beauty of small things can live longer, peacefully and healthily. Having a pink image upon the outside world and a good impression about personal skills represents having a good way of thinking and approaching new areas, new cultures, new people. :D