Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mixed feelings

Today's Thursday - a perfect day for banging my head against the wall. It's too hot for this season but I'm freezing inside. I'm sick and tired of not making myself heard, of being treated like a child who believes everything that flies is edible! Why do adults behave like children, why don't they make us feel proud of who we are?
I'm listening to "Nu am chef azi" and I truly consider this song represents our entire generation. We're not in the mood for learning, for caring, for communicating. Actually we just don't want anything. We're living in an individual world and therefore nobody else can enter . (I'm not generalising but this is what I see every day at highschool so sorry for the ones who feel they don't act like this). As an example, my friend and I tried to create a group for LMT (check out to see what it means)... We failed tremendously 'cause we only had 6 boys coming...guess what 4? Just for skipping a Romanian class. I felt disappointed firstly because I really believe in this program and secondly because my efforts were in vain.
On the whole, today I've realised that education has gone ...wild. I might look stupid due to this question but... are we going to fail our life exam? Are we going to refuse every opportunity of learning new stuff? Are we satisfied with our own matchbox and this is the reason why we hate being sociable?

P.S. This is not what I intended to write today. My fingers revealed my anger and transformed an article about laziness into a short essay about how teenagers reject alternative education...

P.P.S. Listen to "Nu am chef azi", drink some tea, think about the rain or the sunny days of summer and chill. You can do whatever yo put your mind to it. Oh...and read a book- this should be rewarding :):)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 first post

Ok... so this is it. After months of expressing my dissatisfaction about blogging, I find myself typing the first post.
Firstly, I have to mention that there are some interesting, catchy blogs but soooo many bloggers who do not have anything new to say. Hopefully, this will not be my case...
What made me change my mind was the idea that I can easily get my ideas across online rather than face to face. Hey, don't blame me for that! :P Furthermore, hiding behind a computer screen gives me the confidence I need to behave naturally.
Still, it is not simple to reveal my inner thoughts, to unveil my heart in front of strangers but I guess nobody can improve an attitude without external help. So this is what I expect from you: feedback. :D
On the whole, "hanging on a smile" is an adequate name for me because I'm a people person and I depend on smiles. Enjoy...!